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Embark on a journey shaped by fire and culture on the earth's active crust which has been ripped apart and now gives glimpses into its belly at seven steaming geothermal fields, craters and lakes.


The trail is suitable for beginners near the city, and more experienced riders further south where it becomes forested singletrack. The trail can be ridden all year, in both directions, and consists of a couple of distinct sections that can be biked as short half day excursions, or combined into a 1-2 day trip.

Trail Story Coming Soon ...

The trail is an undulating cross-country day ride with some gentle climbs and descents.


Being a 'forest' loop, the trail is almost entirely under a native and exotic tree canopy. The trail can be ridden all year in a clockwise direction and is primarily offroad on smooth gravel and pumice trails.

The trail consists of three sections that make up the clockwise loop. There are several places to start the trail with the hubs being the most common starting point. Given the trail circles the entire Whakarewarewa Forest bike park, there are options to connect to other bike trails in the 200km network.

Please refer to the official trail website and Facebook links for the most recent safety updates, conditions and trail details.

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