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West Coast Wilderness Trail


Experience all your senses with the dramatic views of majestic forest-cloaked mountains and reflections in calm mirror lakes, the smell of foaming sea spray and the humidity of brooding clouds, the trill of native wildlife and a final touch of West Coast hospitality. This trail has it all.

The majority of the trail is suitable for beginner riders, with a wide gravel surface and gentle gradients. The trail can be ridden all year and consists of several sections that can be experienced as a day trips or as a multi-day adventure.

West Coast Wilderness Trail Map

The West Coast Wilderness Trail is an 'A to B' trip between the big town of Greymouth and the smaller southern town of Ross. The trail is divided into four sections that can be undertaken as separate full day trips or as a multi-day journey. The trail is generally easy grade, with intermediate grades for those sections that are on road.

The trail can be ridden in either direction. The majority of the journey is suitable for most riders. The width of the trail is generous and much of it can be ridden two abreast. Most of the trail is off-road, with a gravel surface and gentle gradients.

Toilets are scattered along the way, with most services available in the larger towns of Greymouth and Hokitika. The trail is generally well signposted with a white logo and orange backdrop. Accommodation is dotted along the trail as well as in the main towns.

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