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Twin Coast Cycle Trail


Northland's coast to coast is a delightful overland traverse between the popular attractions of the bustling Bay of Islands and the historic Hokianga Harbour that is packed full of artistic and cultural experiences along the way.


This is a lineal ride mainly on 'easy' trail with good width, a well-formed gravel surface and minimal undulations.  It can be ridden any time of the year and is ideal for families or those that enjoy a gentler pace and can be undertaken as a day trip per section or a two day journey.

Twin Coast Cycle Trail Map

The Twin Coast Cycle Trail is an 'A to B' trip between Opua on the east coast and the Mangungu Mission House on the west coast of Northland. The trail is divided into four sections that can be ridden as separate half or full day trips, or combined for a two-day journey.

The cycle trail can be ridden in either direction, with the high-point in the centre descending towards the coast. Some riders choose to use Kaikohe in the middle as a base and ride down to either coast, to be picked up and returned via a trail shuttle.


Being in the 'winterless' north, the trail is suitable for most riders and generally has a good surface that can be ridden all year. The trail is wide enough for two riders side by side in parts or generous width for a single rider in other parts. It is primarily off road with some quiet country roads thrown into the mix.

Toilets are located in the small towns along the trail. The trail is well signposted with black and blue markers along the way. The majority of the accommodation and places to eat are provided in the townships, with a small range of B&B's and farmstays in the rural areas. There is limited mobile coverage outside of the townships.

There are a couple of other transport options to get along the trail being by train near the eastern end of the trail, and by ferry at Horeke connecting other coastal communities.

Please refer to the official trail website and Facebook links for the most recent safety updates, conditions and trail details.

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