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Timber Trail


An epic ride in the rainforest that passes over some of the longest suspension bridges in the country while exploring the rich timber milling heritage that comes complete with a timber tramline, and offers a true back-country escape away from civilisation.


With a natural trail surface, undulating terrain and narrow width, this trail is suitable for mountain bikers. The ride is generally undertaken as a two day trip, with an overnight accommodation available near the half way point. 

Timber Trail Map

The Timber Trail is a back-country 'A to B' trail between Pureora and Ongarue. The majority of the ride is remote and is graded as easy to intermediate (the hilly sections are considered intermediate), thus making it suitable for fit and capable cyclists.


The trail can be ridden all year however, visitors should ensure they take adequate warm weather gear as you ride up to 971m above sea level and it can be cold at any time of the year.

The trail can be ridden in any direction however, it is easier riding from north to south starting at 550m and dropping down to 200m above sea level. The trail is relatively wide and in some places can be ridden side by side.


The trail is generally off-road with a gravel surface, although there are a few small parts on quiet country roads.

There are toilets scattered along the trail as well as at the trailheads. There is limited accommodation and no food establishments once on the trail. It is therefore recommended that visitors take food with them for their journey.

Please refer to the official trail website and Facebook links for the most recent safety updates, conditions and trail details.

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