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This app came about by riding the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail and getting 'disorientated' along the way which is never good for a cartographer.


The idea was cultured that day in Twizel while chatting over waffle fries and a cool drink to work out a way to keep us and others on the right track. We also thought it would be good for an app to work offline, GPS enabled, have a heap of content on all the NZ Cycle Trails Great Rides in one easily accessible place.


The Great Rides App ticked all these boxes for us. We love the way the Great Rides provide a genuine kiwi experience to interact with our beautiful landscape, people and history. We hope that they will be maintained and improved for future riders to get out there.

The app is 100% kiwi made, and we have spent a year developing it and work full-time now on it for you to enjoy free! So please help us along the way and recommend it to others, join the app on Facebook and Instagram, support our partners and keep using the app. We hope that you will enjoy using the app as much as we do maintaining it!

Happy Great Riding ...

Gary Patterson

Great Rides App Guy

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