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Motu Trails


A diverse trail that rolls gently over the tops of coastal dunes, winds up remote country roads and descends a historic pack track through lush rainforest and past a back-country hut to complete a glorious loop.

The trail is suitable for beginners along the coastal section, more experienced riders on the road and advanced riders through the forested singletrack. The trail surface and gradient varies from easy wide path, gravel roads to natural surface mountain bike track. The trail can be cycled in sections as day trips or the entire loop over multiple days.

Motu Trails Map

Motu Trails is an incredible track that starts in the sea side village of Opotiki, Bay of Plenty. The trail is divided into three sections that can be undertaken as separate half or full day trips or combined into a 2-3 day journey.

The Dunes Trail is an easy gravel path that meanders around the coastal dunes overlooking the coastline and the smoking volcanic cone of White Island. This trail is fully off-road, two way and can be ridden side by side. This section is suitable for families and has a few viewing decks and toilets along the way.

The Motu Road Trail is on a quiet rural road that climbs into the back blocks. It is suitable for intermediate riders. This trail is shared with the occasional vehicle and has some decent climbs, with a couple of shelters but no toilets along the way until you reach the Pakihi trailhead. The road continues to Motu and beyond to Matawai.

The Pakihi Track is suitable for advanced riders. Biking is a one-way descent on a historic benched cattle track built in 1914. The last part is on a public road near the outskirts of Opotiki. The Pakihi Track has a more intermediate grade feel due to a good bench cut trail with few obstructions. The trail earns it's advanced grade for the parts that are narrow or exposed to steep drop offs beside the trail. There is a public hut and toilet along the trail before reaching a carpark and another toilet.

The overall trail is well marked. However, there are some parts in relatively remote country with limited to no cellular service outside the towns. The main services and accommodation for the trail are located at Opotiki, and those riders undertaking the full loop should pack the necessary provisions before departing the town.

Please refer to the official trail website and Facebook links for the most recent safety updates, conditions and trail details.

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