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Hawke's Bay Trails


With a Mediterranean-like climate, this delightful network of interconnected loops pass shorelines, wetlands, rivers, orchards and vineyards that hit the senses with the aromas and tastes of the fruit bowl of the east.


The trail is suitable for most riders, with a wide, smooth and flat trail surface. The network can be ridden all year and is more popular in the warmer months. There are various loop options offering half to full day rides or linked together to make multi day options.


The Hawke's Bay Trails are a network of connected loops that explore the foreshore, waterways, vineyards and orchards of the Heretaunga Plains. The trail is divided into several sections that can be undertaken as half/full day trips or in their entirety over four days. Including the iWay city routes, the networks results in over 200km of trail.

There are several trails, each offering different natural experiences and attractions. A real advantage of the network is the ability to link and connect rides if you want to cut short or extend your ride depending on how you are feeling and the weather conditions.

The trail is suitable for most riders and has a good surface that can be ridden all year in any direction. The trail is wide, normally permitting two abreast and some more popular sections are concrete sealed. Most of the trail is off-road, with a lime-sand formation and almost flat gradients.

Toilets and services are scattered along the trail, primarily in the small and larger townships.

Please refer to the official trail website and Facebook links for the most recent safety updates, conditions and trail details.

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