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Great Lake Trails


A stunning forested single track that leads the rider along the edge of our country's largest lake while exploring waterfalls, rivers, magnificent lake viewpoints and secluded sandy bays.


The trail consists of three sections with a water taxi connecting two of the sections. This single track has a natural surface and is best suited to mountain bikers and provides true cross-country exciting riding.  It can be experienced as a half or full day trip, or a 2-3 day journey. ​

Great Lake Trails Map

The Great Lake Trail is a network trail that is divided into a few sections (including one that requires a boat trip) that can be undertaken as separate half or full day trips or as a two to three day journey. Kinloch is a good place to base yourself when riding the network.

The Waihaha Track is generally ridden eastward to Waihora Bay before using transport by boat across the lake to other trail sections. Make sure you pre-book the boat in advance as there is no cellular coverage at the trailhead.

The trail is suitable for intermediate riders and generally has a good surface that can be ridden all year in any direction. The trail width varies from narrow singletrack to a more generous width - but never enough for two abreast. The trail is all off-road, with a gravel formation with good gradients.

There are some tighter areas around trees, and care needs to be taken in exposed parts due to dropoffs beside the trail. There is a loop trail around the Whangamata Bluffs which if elected adds 9.5km to the day.

Toilets are scattered along the trail, and the only services are in Kinloch with cafes and a small general store. The trail is generally well signposted with dark blue markers along the way. The majority of the accommodation is provided at Taupo, while Kinloch provides a small range of accommodation options.

Please refer to the official trail website and Facebook links for the most recent safety updates, conditions and trail details.

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