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Clutha Gold Trail


Follow the tree lined course of the mightiest river in the country, enjoy some time in the quaint villages conveniently spaced along the trail, and take in the area's heritage along the way.


The trail is suitable for most riders offering an easy journey on a well-formed trail, which is primarily flat with the exception of a small climb up to pass through the Big Hill tunnel. The trail can be enjoyed in sections as a full day trip or in its entirely combined with the Roxburgh Gorge Trail as a multi-day journey.

Clutha Gold Trail Map

The Clutha Gold Trail is an 'A to B' trip between Commissioner's Flat (near Roxburgh Dam) and Lawrence. The trail is divided into four sections that can be undertaken as separate half or full day trips, or as a two-day journey.

It can be ridden in either direction given the minimal elevation difference between the trailheads. The trail is suitable for most riders as it is generally an easy grade. It has a good gravel surface and almost all of the trail is off-road with plenty of brown trail markers to guide you.

Toilets and services are located in the townships. There is limited mobile coverage once you leave town. The furthest distance away from a settlement is only 10km. Tags can be purchased from information centres, trail outfitters and online, support future trail maintenance. The tag system works in conjunction with the Roxburgh Gorge Trail.

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